Joachim Hellinger

"An adventurer can basically be anyone - it is important that you make a start"

Helli, as Joachim is called by friends, turned his hobby into a profession early on and is now considered one of the outstanding German adventure and outdoor filmmakers of our time. Millions of people know his films, but only a few know the face behind the success. With the film production company Helliventures, which he founded, he has already worked for many well-known brands such as Red Bull, Samsung, Mammut or Swatch. Joachim Hellinger is also the inventor and producer of the „European Outdoor Film Tour“, the largest adventure film spectacle in Europe. Founded in 2001, the tour now has over 300 screenings annually in nearly 200 cities and 14 countries. Helli has been a mentor for the FollowYourTalent Foundation since 2013. He was host and speaker for the FollowYourTalent project “Weekend-Scholarship for advertising and film” in Munich.

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