Christian Schwab

"There's no such word as "can't"."

Christian, born in 1971, grew up in a time when digitization started and took its course. Even at the tender age of eleven, Christian had his first home computer – since then, information technology has not let go of him.

Christian is actually from a Palatinate workshop with a long family tradition. However, it was quickly clear to him that he only wanted to continue to do handicrafts as a hobby. Instead, after school, he decided to study computer science at the University of Karlsruhe (today, KIT). He gained his first professional experience while studying, having developed and sold cashless payment solutions (chip card systems). After graduating, he began work at a small start-up company in the wild times of the “new economy” and accompanied the company until it was put on the stock market.

After the sale of his employer’s company, he went independent with his own company and specialized at an early stage as a technology service provider for complex Internet solutions. His company ETECTURE supervises some of the largest online projects today in Europe, including BMW, IKEA, British Airways, Volkswagen and DIBA, among others.

Meanwhile, ETECTURE has long since outgrown its infancy, employs over 130 people and is run by a hired management team. Christian wanted something new. For many years, he taught at the Duale Hochschule Mannheim, where he shared his knowledge at the Institute of Digital Media. Also, he is involved now as a mentor and coach for startups. And more recently, the entrepreneurial fever got hold of him again. He founded “Qonvo” – a young consulting company in the field of digital transformation.

For Christian, it is always important that he can work in terms of content – meaning technologically and innovatively – and weave strategic threads in the background. Here, managing relations with people as colleagues, business partners and customers is extremely important. In “networking”, he does not see a job, but a vocation that is fun.

However, in addition to responsibility, the course of his career has brought about contacts, relationships, knowledge, experience, reliability, a down-to-earth approach, curiosity and perseverance. All compatible with the love of his home, the southern Palatinate: “Being a businessman and also travelling internationally does not mean my love for my homeland is a tense relationship, rather that both represent mutually complementary, even beneficial poles.”


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